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The 2017 WK &WGS Koi Show, will be held at Sky Nursery, 18528 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133 on September 23 - 24, 2017.

For Questions, or if you would like to help, or you would like donate to the show, please contact the

Cody Turtle, pictured here, provided
“Yin Yang” as our Koi Show art for 2017, Cody studied art at California College of the Arts where he received a Bachelors of Fine Arts. He has been exhibiting his work up and down the west coast for many years as well as internationally. His love of koi and the outdoors are a big influence in his art. Cody’s generosity in allowing us use his art for our shows has been an absolute pleasure for our club. Previously in 2008, 2009 and 2013, we had the privilege of using his artwork as well.

If you go to, you will be able to see more of his art.

Thank you, Cody!
(Photo by N. Moore)

General Information and Rules

One of our missions is to promote the koi keeping hobby by appreciating and exhibiting our quality koi to the general public. Secondly, we want to offer koi hobbyists the opportunity to compete and enjoy the camaraderie of other koi enthusiasts. If you would like to help or donate to the show, please contact the

Ours is an Open Show; all hobbyists are encouraged to show their fish. We use the English style of competition (an entrant's fish are all kept in the same show tank), with bio-barriers between tanks to limit cross contamination. Dealers are limited to showing six koi from their personal collections. Hobbyists may share a tank with the permission of each keeper and the Show Chair. All entries must include a signed entry form, and all entrants must pay the stated fees (see below). Also, all entrants must comply with the Entrant Requirements.


Shared tanks will have an additional $5 charge

Washington Koi & Water Garden Society Members:

6 foot tank$45
8 foot tank$65

Other PNKCA Members

6 foot tank$55
8 foot tank$75


6 foot tank$65
8 foot tank$85

Entrants must fill out the worksheet provided in this packet to determine the size of tank needed. The fish load shall not exceed the maximum load for each tank, which will be enforced.

Identification: Digital identification photos will be taken of koi upon entry and will remain the property of the Washington Koi & Water Garden Society.

Registration and Check-in

Tank Reservations: Pre-registration for tank space is required.Tanks must be reserved no later than September 15th, 2017. Any available tank reserved after that date will be charged a $10 late fee. We cannot ensure that tanks will be available after September 19th, as space is limited. We cannot ensure that any additional tanks will be available at check-in time.

Fish Load: IT IS CRITICAL TO KNOW THE FISH LOAD OF YOUR TANK. Please calculate your fish load, using the entrant work sheet(s) before coming to the show. The show committee and the water quality coordinator reserve the right to have owners remove fish from the tank/show if the tank loads are excessive. This is for the safety of the koi. If you exceed the load limit, reserve an additional tank or reduce the number of your entrants. Our benching software program will not allow a fish load over the maximum.

To make your tank reservation either mail your reservation form and your check to WK & WGS, P.O. Box 148, Bothell, WA 98041. Or, you may pay for your tanks and banquet tickets via PayPal .

Register and Pay via PayPal

Purging: It is critical that you purge your fish (no feeding) for at least 5 days prior to the show, otherwise, your water quality is jeopardized.

Check-In Times: Koi Registration and Check-In will be from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Check-In Process: When you arrive with your fish, go to the registration table to complete your registration with the check-in team. You will be assigned a tank number where you can float your fish in oxygenated bags in your assigned tank only. Failure to bring your fish properly bagged and oxygenated may result in disqualification from the show. If you \are unsure about bagging and oxygenating, contact the Show Chair well in advance of the show for assistance. If you are bringing fish in a traveling show tank as opposed to bagged and boxed, please notify the Show Chair prior to the show so bio-security arrangements can be made. Your fish must be bagged for the journey from the parking lot to your show tank. After your koi have been floating in the assigned tank a minimum of 20 minutes (and possibly longer), you will be called in the order of your check-in to have your koi measured, photographed, and classified. Once your fish are floating in the tank, wait until you are called to participate. This will allow the benchers room to work and helps ensure the safety of all the koi.

The entrant will remain with his/her koi until they are all measured, classified, and released into the appropriate tank. You will be asked to sign a document verifying that your fish have been accurately measured and classified.

Health Check: All koi will be examined for visible signs of illness or wounds. The benching team will then determine if a koi is eligible to be in the show. If a fish is disqualified for health reasons, the fish will be re-bagged and oxygenated for the return home.

Koi Herpes Virus: Koi that are survivors of a KHV outbreak and thus carriers, or koi that have shared water systems with koi infected with KHV, are not eligible to be brought to the show.

Classification: Each koi will be identified by size and classification. It is the responsibility of the entrant to select the appropriate classification, though benchers can assist if the hobbyist needs help. Some koi could be entered in several different categories, e.g. a Tancho Showa could be entered as a Tancho or as a Showa. You choose. Benchers will measure koi and determine the size category. Koi owners or their designees must then sign off on the classifications. Once the document is signed, classification changes will not be made. It is important that placement is accurate prior to signing. If someone other than the actual owner enters the koi into competition, that person must have authorization from the owner which can be submitted to the Show Chair.

After Check-In

Handling: Once the koi have been checked in, no handling or examination will be allowed by anyone except authorized show personnel.

Withdrawal: Once the koi have been placed in their appropriate tank, they may only be withdrawn from the show with the authorization of the Show Chair.

Water Quality: All efforts have been made to ensure on-going safe water quality for the health of the koi. Therefore, no one except the Water Quality coordinator will be allowed to monitor or alter water quality.

Net: You must bring your own appropriately sized koi net to the show, with your name on it for identification purposes. By using your net for your koi only, we can help diminish the chance of cross contamination between tanks. If you arrive at the show without a net, you will be required to purchase one at the Sales Table or from a local dealer prior to 11 a.m. September 22nd. If pans are needed, they will be furnished by the show committee.

Check-Out Process: The process of checking out koi for the trip home will begin at 1 p.m. on Sunday, September 24th, and not before. If koi are removed from the show earlier, these koi will be disqualified and any awards they have won will be canceled. Our show koi are on display until 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon. Keep this in mind as you make your travel plans.

Koi will be bagged by each owner or designee or the appropriate show personnel. Oxygen will be provided by show personnel and the nozzle disinfected prior to each tank. All entrants are responsible for their own bags, rubber bands, and totes/boxes.


Owners must be present at the show to win. If you entered your own koi, you are all set. If you had an authorized designee enter your koi, you will need to appear at the show site during check-in Friday (1 p.m. to 7 p.m.) or on Saturday; in a rare case where your designee entered your fish, and something untoward occurs that keeps you from appearing at the show, you must contact the Show Chair immediately; an emergency number will be given to all entrants in September prior to the show. Koi competitors are encouraged to attend the Awards Banquet to receive their awards and be acknowledged for their koi keeping skills.

Judging begins at approximately 9:30 a.m. on September 23rd, immediately following the Opening Ceremonies. Once judging begins, there will be no communication with the judges except via the announcer or the Show Chair.

Judging Novice Class: An award will be given to the winners of the Novice Class, which is open to anyone who has never shown a koi before at any show.

Koi Size Divisions: our show has 7 categories of sizes:

Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6 Size 7
Under 9" 9" - 12" 12" - 16" 16" - 20" 20" - 24" 24" - 28" Over 28"

Judging Classifications

Owners: You are responsible for entering your koi in the correct class. Benchers can assist you if you are unsure. Incorrectly entered fish may be disqualified.

KOHAKU - A non-metallic white body Koi with red markings.

SANKE - A non-metallic white body Koi with red and black markings.

SHOWA - A non-metallic black body Koi with red and white markings.

UTSURI MONO - A non-metallic black body Koi that carries a second color, which may be white, red, or yellow.

BEKKO - A non-metallic white, red, or yellow Koi with black markings.

ASAGI/ SHUSUI - In our show, Asagi and Shusui are judged in the same class.
ASAGI - A non-metallic gray-blue net patterned Koi with red along the sides, cheeks and in the fins. SHUSUI - A Doitsu (German Scaled or "scaleless") Asagi. The characteristic feature of the Shusui is the line of Doitsu scales that run alongside the dorsal fin that replaces the reticulated pattern of scales of the Asagi.

KOROMO/ GOSHIKI - In our show, Koromo and Goshiki are judged in the same class.
KOROMO have their red patterns outlined in a darker color. This is a hybrid between the Asagi and Kohaku. GOSHIKI - are non-metallic five colored Koi, on which white, red, black, and light and dark blue are mixed to give a purplish appearance.

HIKARIMUJI (OGON) - A single colored metallic Koi and a metallic koi with Matsuba (pinecone) patterns.

HIKARIMOYO - A metallic Koi with a pattern. For example; Hariwake, Kikusui, Kujaku, etc. (With the exception of Kikokuryu and Kin Kikokuryu which are shown in the Kawarigoi class)

TANCHO - A Koi with a red spot on the head and no other red on the body. For example, Tancho Kohaku, Tancho Sanke, Tancho Showa, Tancho Kujaku etc.

KIN GIN RIN A - A Diamond or reflective scaled Koi that is a Kohaku, Sanke or Showa.

KIN GIN RIN B - A Diamond or reflective scaled Koi that does not fit under Kin Gin Rin A. (All varieties other than Kohaku, Sanke and Showa)

DOITSU - A scaleless or German Scale (only scales on top and lateral line) Koi of any variety.

KAWARIGOI - A Koi that is not included in any other judging category. There are well over 100 varieties in this "catch-all" classification.

LONGFIN - A Koi with long fins and long barbels. Also known as butterfly koi.

Class Closure: as long as there is at least one fish entered in a class, it will not be closed. However, where there are fewer than three fish in a class, the judges may award first, second, or third, or no winners, at their discretion.

Criteria: The following is an example of the criteria used for judging koi to help you understand what the judges are looking for. The percentages are given as examples, as they can be adjusted at the discretion of the judges:

30% Conformation (shape)
30% Color
20% Pattern
10% Quality and Elegance
10% Imposing Presence or Appearance


The following awards and certificates will be presented to the winners at the Awards Banquet on Saturday Evening:

Grand Champion
Grand Champion B (non-gosanke*)
Reserve Grand Champion
Mature Grand Champion (20"-24")
Junior Grand Champion (16"-20")
Young Grand Champion (12"-16")
Gene Gowan Baby Champion (under 12")
Best in Each Size
1st, 2nd, and 3rd places
Novice Award
Tategoi Award
Kin Gin Rin Award
People's Choice Award
President's Choice
Lois Burman Kawarigoi Award
AKCA Representative's Award
PNKCA Representatives' Award
Show Chair Award
Jumbo Award
Doitsu Award
Long Fin Award (under 20" / over 20")
Champion of Champions**
Tancho Award
Utsuri Award

*Grand Champion B excludes Kohaku, Showa, and Sanke classes.

Announcement of Winners: As each class and category is judged, the winners will be announced. Once the winners' names have been announced, the class will not be re-judged under any circumstances. The decisions of the Koi Judges are final. After the end of judging, all winners will be listed on the Awards Information Sheet, which will be distributed at the Awards Banquet on Saturday evening.

General Provisions:

Alcohol and Tobacco and Food restrictions: to ensure the safety of the fish and the comfort of the viewing public, no alcohol, tobacco or food may be brought into the show area.

Fish Sales: Sale of live koi will be restricted to the WK & WGS Fish Sale booth.

Contingencies and Extreme Circumstances: any items not covered by these rules or extreme circumstances will be handled at the sole discretion of the Show Chair.

Past Grand Champions: it is an unwritten rule of our club that past Grand Champions of our show are not to be returned for further competition; however, if the koi keeper would like the public to see these outstanding koi, past Grand Champions are welcomed but may not be entered into competition.

Disclaimer: The Washington Koi & Water Garden Society strives to ensure the safety and well-being of all koi entered into competition. Participants in the show agree to hold blameless the club officers, the Show Committee, and show personnel should an injury or loss occur during the show.

Banquet Information

Show Banquet: the Awards Banquet will be held at Scott's Bar & Grill, 8115 Lake Ballinger Way, Edmonds, WA 98026 Saturday September 23rd. The social hour begins at 6 p.m. Dinner will be served at 7 p.m.

From Sky Nursery, turn right on Highway 99 and go north to NE 205th St/ 244th St. SW.
Turn right.
Turn left at first signal into Scott's parking lot.

From I-5, take Highway 104/205th St. Go west past Meridian Ave.
Stay left to SE 244th.
Turn right at the signal past Chase Bank into Scott's parking lot.

The cost of the Buffet is $43.00 for Early Birds who register by September 1. Following that date, any available banquet tickets will be $45.

Banquet tickets can be paid for via check, sent to the Show Chair, WK & WGS, P.O. Box 148, Bothell, WA 98041 or paid via PayPal. -->

Buy banquet tickets via PayPal

Schedule of Events

Viewing is free to the public

Friday, September 22nd 2017
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM Check-In and Registration at Sky Nursery Show Site
Saturday, September 23rd, 2017
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM Opening Ceremonies, Judging and Koi Viewing begins, Information Booth, Sales Table, Fish Table, Super Raffle Ticket Sales.
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Live Auction including Koi
5:00 PM Show closes until Sunday morning
6:00 PM - 9:30 PM Awards Banquet - Scott's Bar & Grill
6:00 PM No Host Cocktails, Social Hour
7:00 PM-9:30 PM Dinner and Awards Presentation
Sunday, September 24th, 2017
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Koi Viewing, Sales Table, Information Table, Fish Sales, Vendors Open, Super Raffle Ticket Sales (if not sold out)
12:00 PM Koi Check Out
1:00 PM Super Raffle Drawing, Closing of Sales Table, Fish Sales, Information Booth
Tear-Down of show site begins, followed by Dinner for Tear-Down Volunteers.